Our second OCDT and COMET user group meeting will be held on 15 December 2021, more details can be found here
Our OCDT docker registry URL has changed! Please make a database back-up, prune your docker and install WSP v3.1.8 or later. More details can be found here
What is OCDT?

OCDT is a client / server software package developed under a European Space Agency (ESA) contract to enable efficient multi-disciplinary concurrent engineering of space systems in the early life cycle phases.

OCDT implements a standard semantic data model defined in Annex A of the ECSS-E-TM-10-25 Technical Memorandum, titled System Engineering - Engineering Design Model Data Exchange (CDF).

The first implemented OCDT client is an easy-to-use add-in for Microsoft Excel® (versions 2010, 2013, 2016) that is integrated with Excel® to perform simple analysis and simulation. Other client tools for engineering analysis and simulation can also be integrated, through the use of OCDT adapters.

The OCDT server consists of a front-end web-services processor (using a REST API) and a back-end PostgreSQL database system for the persistent storage of OCDT shareable data. The server is able to support concurrent teams of more than 20 users and synchronising their engineering model content twice a minute or faster. Typically each user would represent a different domain of expertise (discipline).

The package is distributed under an ESA community open source software licence available for use and further development to users that qualify as a member of the OCDT Community.

Downloading the ECSS-E-TM-10-25 electronic annexes

The electronic annexes for the ECSS-E-TM-10-25 technical memorandum are limited to ESA member states only. They can be downloaded via the wiki pages on this portal, supported via ESA Gitlab repositories. In order to get access to those, please request an OCDT portal account and then proceed to the OCDT wiki pages for TM-10-25.

Migration of OCDT Community Portal to ESA GitLab

On May 1 2020, the legacy OCDT Community Portal was deprecated. All infrastructure has been migrated to the ESA GitLab to offer better service to OCDT Community members.

All Redmine projects on ocdt.esa.int have been migrated to their own dedicated GitLab Project:

  • Redmine project wikis have been migrated to a GitLab Project Wiki.
  • Redmine issues and sprints have been migrated to GitLab Issues and Milestones.

All GitLab projects on gitlab.ocdt.esa.int have been simply transferred to the ESA GitLab.

  • All OCDT releases and source code remain available to qualified OCDT Community members.
  • The OCDT Docker Registry (docker-reg.ocdt.esa.int) is no longer active, all images will be served directly from the ESA GitLab Container Registry.
  • Developers will need to update their Git remote URLs on any repositories cloned from OCDT GitLab.

As part of this migration, all users are asked to request access to OCDT projects on ESA GitLab.